Monday, 6 July 2015

More on the Storm Fairy

Part of my rewrite for The Storm Fairy includes new illustration. In the end, it's possible that none of my illustrations will make it into the book, even if it is accepted, but I feel the need to include them. After all, most a little over half were done as part of my Illustration class.
For the most part, I'm happy with them. What I see in completed pictures is pretty much what I saw in my head. It also gives me a chance to make the village more diverse. It's pretty important to me that it be so, but I didn't want to do this carelessly. I wanted to do the research that allows me to depict people as more than just variations in skin tone, or stereotypes—although the point of the fairytale is to have types, especially traditional types of people. I wanted all the people to fit together, regardless of their ethnicity. Villagers are tidy, they all wear hats to keep their hair under cover. The women wear aprons and the children, who start with a freer feel and pastel colours wear increasingly uniform clothes in darker/richer colours as they age toward adulthood. Except for Erin, who's a little weird.

Note: I'm trying to organize my two kinds of work, writing and visual art. So, I'm going to link back and forth between the two blogs that focus on one or the other. I discuss The Storm Fairy on Domus Comm, so if you're at all curious, click here.


  1. She is the fabulous one you told me all the story about I'm assuming?

  2. Um…I tell a lot of stories.