Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Logos of Me

An early assignment to create a logo out of our initials had me thinking, at least momentarily, of grade school art projects. But it's harder than you think to create a "brand." I had six kicks at this cat. Three had to be created on computer and three by hand. I can't say they were all successful. All of them are a little rough by later standards. I'm posting them because they're part of the record, not because I see them as examples of skill.

One, I absolutely hate, but it was the one my instructor liked, and it was picked out by several people who saw the array of them when I finished. It's this anchor thing. I guess it just feels to heavy (get it?). It doesn't say much about me. I do like sailing, but the sailing part of it, not the stopped at anchor part.

Well, it took some experimenting to get the 3D shape and gradient to work properly. It challenged my poor Macbook Pro, too. I'd never seen it take so long or chug so loudly as when it was rendering the dozens of positions I twisted the letters into. What you see is a T welded to a W. The circle at the top is merely to tie the sucker to a boat.

I always say that I designed a logo for a company I used to work for in Nova Scotia, but really it was more like artwork for an ad. I have no idea if they used it even twice. At least I saw it in print that first time, though.

This one's better. I like it because it's so colourful. It's fun. It's got motion. It uses all four of my initials.

There's only one problem: it's also not quite me. I'm not quite so…girly? Whimsical? "Wispy! Wispy! Wispy!" to quote Lily Tomlin.

Still, I can see it turning up in a lot of places.

Now, the thing about the next one is that it was familiar right from the start. The T and W are bands around the ball, tensing and squeezing it slightly. They are repeated in miniature in the negative space of where their points join. That tiny shadow? Well, it's a hard light I live in.

I created the original in watercolour and ink, but was only a couple of weeks into my watercolour class, so felt the need to redo it in ink.

This is one of two sword logos. (I'll have to edit the other into this post, as it appears to have crept off). Most people who choose from the bunch pick this as the best logo for me.

I think my initials (T and W) lend themselves to it more naturally than any other form, and it's rather cool.

Limited colours, simple lines, no need to ground it. I could see this tattooed on an arm—not mine, of course, a fan's ;)

It's done with ink.

This lovely thing uses three initials (CTW) and speaks to my love of bones and all things skull. The watercolour wash behind it was one of my first successes in the other class.

Well, I think it's pretty.

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