Thursday, 3 January 2013

Mapping the Process

An assignment we had for our seminar class was, by yours truly, translated into this work of…cartoon?:
Follow the red (okay, pink) tape to get from the load of WTF to the load of coin. It's simple, no?
Well, I thought it was funny. I winced and swooned over most of the assignments for this particular course. It was clearly a very helpful class, designed to make graphic design students think about their options…so, naturally, I was unable to comply.

This, though; this was fun. The original had, among the array of "things," a urinal that was shaped like a cartoon head; an example of a truly bad idea—you know, those things that are not supposed to exist in brainstorming sessions.

Somebody always stands up at the start and says, "Let's throw everything out there! There are no bad ideas!" but they inevitably forget to write a few things down…things there maybe, after all, should not be any record of.

Who forgot to forget cartoon head shaped urinals? Fire that guy.

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