Thursday, 17 January 2013

Fickle Finger?

Just because it kinda wraps up my last post, here's the final—as in: spent more than a few minutes on it—hand study. Really, it's a finger study, but who's pointing fing…oh, never mind.

Interesting things I learned from this:

  1. My hand and finger WILL cramp even in the most relaxed position if it's extended for any amount of time.
  2. Applying the appropriate level of tone is irritating in whichever direction I err.
  3. I obsess rather a lot at even the smallest assignments.
  4. I have more scars on my hand than I recall having lived to make, and…
  5. more than nearly all my fellow students (some of whom have a total of NONE), and…
  6. that my instructor is young enough that HE'S never conceived of scars innate to hands on a student.

Still, a worthwhile exercise. These past two drawings are really the first time I drew myself without hiding behind some barrier or sprawled distorted across a reflective surface as some artsy way of hiding.

I also had to draw an egg…and something. This is what I decided my egg should be doing.

It's because of the multiple lights in the room. Spotlights, yes? coming from different angles, all focussed on you, little egg. Everyone out here in the audience, everyone all over the world, waiting breathless for what you will express when you finally…uh, crack.

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