Thursday, 10 January 2013

Fun With Body Parts

Okay, this wasn't my planned next post, but I tinkered with it tonight and need a justification for the time spent and the blog wins the scapegoat lottery.

For the record, I have never drawn my hand before, or really any other part of my anatomy. While I have taken drawing classes, it just never came up. My fellow Graphics students all have woeful tales of having drawn their digits thirty or forty times (one says a couple of hundred, but really?).

After seeing Escher's "Drawing Hands" in High School, I suffered a secret urge to follow suit, but never considered taking on the task for real until after I had grown a cramp from yesterday's assignment to draw a digit (we weren't supposed to put so much effort into the rest of the hand, but one gets carried away) I felt the need to switch models. It's hard to draw a moving hand—and the drawing is not so good, but the results didn't get crumpled up and tossed. A little post production and viola!
Left Hand Drawing

Okay, so less 3D messing with your perception and more basic "Hey this is my left hand drawing my right!" coyness, but the picture: it is got. Yes?

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